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“A bad days’ fishing is better than a good days’ work”

19 July 2013

We couldn’t agree more, although we combine the two more often than most and end up with the best of both! It’s a wonderful alternative to the walks and game drives – just find a perch, (each of our guides will advise you of his own “secret fish hotspot”) cast off and while away an hour or two enjoying just being here!

The inspiration for our latest outing with the rods and tackle came in the guise of this Giant Kingfisher. We had all sat for lunch when this juvenile male (you can tell by the patchy chestnut breast band) plunged headlong into the water to retrieve an unfortunate fish.

We were alerted to his presence by the squeaks of our waitress Flora who took exception to him beating the life out of his quarry on the banister of the restaurant deck. Patently ignoring these protestations the tenacious little chap proceeded to spend 15 minutes tenderizing his meal. We’d all but given up watching when, the preparation being complete; he swallowed his lunch in one!

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