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A big hello from all of us at Greystoke Mahale!

22 June 2019

Our new season started with a lot of joy and excitement, so many beautiful moments and it is hard to pick the highlights.

Once more the crew did an amazing job in bringing the camp to its well known glory. From a bird’s perspective, it must have looked like a very busy anthill. After a few days the entire camp was polished, the wooden decks oiled and the team looking very smart in their new uniforms. Ready to great our first guests of the season.

We were very excited to visit the little shamba in the village to see how all the fresh veggies are coming along that farmer Pai is growing for us and we were over the moon when we saw all those beautiful greens! See how happy our head chef was, picking all the different veggies, already thinking about those beautiful meals he will be able to prepare for our guests.

While we were occupied getting our camp up and running, our colleagues from the Nomad Trust busy too. As part of the Nomad Trust’s Health Outreach Program they sent three eye doctors who during three days offered treatment in the village. And of course they also did a check up on the team.

Thanks to our sharpened vision we were able to spot a rare visitor: a blue monkey high up in a tree outside our office.

After a few days, another (well-known) face appeared. The last warthog in the area managed her way safely through the off-season. We were so excited to see that she still is around, looking healthy and relaxed. Funny how excited one gets about seeing a warthog, but she is such a brave lady and whenever we think that we won’t see her again there she pops up again!

And then a few days ago finally, finally the chimps visited us for the first time this season. Look at little Zamma here, he is a big boy now.

And for all the Primus supporters out there, he is still in charge smile We will keep you posted!

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