Serengeti Safari Camp

A big male lion is having breakfast 150m away

22 February 2013

During the dry spell of the last one or two weeks, the animals were quite dispersed and had moved towards the Serengeti and Kusini area, and the triangle towards Naabi Hill. However, big rains in the last two days has seen the usual dramatic turnaround. The herds will probably start to move back more onto the Ngorongoro Conservation Area side now and search for the fresh short grass. There are already a lot of little wildie babies in evidence which makes for great viewing.
While I am writing this, the guests of Serengeti Safari Camp are sitting in the mess tent watching a big male lion having his wildebeest breakfast not more than 150m away.... It's still amazing that we have the opportunity to witness such things...
The rain has wreaked a small amount of havoc on the roads, and those wanting to cross small Olduvai had to wait for a few hours while the water subsided yesterday. The bridge over the main arm of the gorge meant there were no issues there. Today, after two days of heavy rain, some of the roads in the south are challenging, and in true safari style, the odd vehicle is getting stuck...all part of the fun!
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