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A Cubs Life…

12 November 2013

We have been spoilt rotten with sightings of a local leopard female and her two cubs these past two weeks, after a brief absence we were delighted when they started showing up on our guests camera screens again.

A remarkably large, healthy looking female she is rearing two boisterous performers - it must be an exhausting task keeping them safe in an ecosystem in which a potential threat sits behind every rock - beneath every tree. She watches over them in the shelter of the Kopjies for now and they are utterly fearless in their explorations of this outcrop home. She seems to visibly sigh when once again she has to get up and retrieve them from wherever they've gotten stuck!

It was a relaxed afternoon when Jana, Rebecca and I ventured out to the rocks to try and spot them - unbelievable as it sounds we had them to our selves right up until sunset. Very happy managers!

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