A feast for Three!  By Kakae Saiteu

04 July 2012

I went to the Lamai wedge with the Sheer family and after hours of searching we came across a cheetah kill. A very healthy and large male cheetah had killed a Thompsons Gazelle a few minutes before. The kill was very fresh which implies that is had happened very recently.

After staying there for about 15 minutes the vultures started soaring above us and a few minutes later a black-backed jackal arrived. The Jackal walked straight towards the cheetah as if he was going to challenge it and take the kill away but he instead he stayed about 3 metres away. The Jackal waited until the Cheetah saw a hyena coming and moved away and it was then that the jackal got a chance to start eating the Thomie which eventually got taken away by the hyena. The hyena left both the intestines with the jackal and then the vultures started descending to take away the remains.

The jackal kept chasing the vultures but eventually gave up and allowed the vultures to share!

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