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A fresh start

01 June 2018

It has been a few weeks now that we are back in camp. What a treat to wake up again to the soft sound of the waves and the red-tailed monkeys in the trees, to see the golden light of the morning sun breaking over the top of the mountains and to breath the fresh and clear air of the Mahale Mountains. After the last rains in May everything is lush and green and the weather could not be more perfect.

A perfect setting to get our camp ready for the new season. The entire team has been working together in order to have everything perfectly prepared for our guests. And the result shows… a few new touches in the rooms, the wood oiled and shiny, snow white bedsheets drying in the warm breeze, new recipes added to the menu. We are ready!

And then the first visitors showed. Bonobo and Carter came by for lunch and a leisurely walk on the beach. They looked pleased with everything they saw, or was it just the yummy ripe fruits in the bushes along the beach?

Oh Greystoke Mahale, you are just as beautiful and magical as ever! We cannot wait to share this wonderful place with our guests for this new season and hopefully (definitely!) create some unforgettable memories together. Karibu sana Mahale!

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