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A King’s Reign

25 August 2017

Right at the top of the chimpanzee hierarchy sits the Alpha Male, whose position and popularity in the community is determined by his individual character. Much like us humans, the alpha male can be a good or bad guy. While some are loved by their subjects and adopt on a friendly style of rule, others abuse the power and can become aggressive tyrants who won't hesitate to injure or kill an opponent. A third type of alpha male is the acute machiavellians, who build their power on wit and manipulation. Friendships become a ploy to recruit followers and a tool to leverage political advantage, old friends are quickly forgotten when they no longer offer a strategic value.

Manipulation, self-interest, bribes … you can't escape dirty politics even in the bush.

Currently in the hot seat is Primus, who has been our beloved alpha male for the past six years, a good king, respected and loved by most. But after such a long reign, he needs to watch his back. Only last Christmas there was a failed coup d-etat.

Now there are signs that things could change, with a new male gaining trust in the group. Teddy pictured below is 15 years old, very clear, extremely strong, and loved by all. We see him as great King material, lets wait and see…

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