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A lake of plains and aspects

10 March 2017

At the moment the raining season offers us stunning views of our great Lake Tanganyika. And what a Lake! The second largest water lake by volume (17% of the fresh water on Earth stands in front of us!), the second deepest (1400 meters!), and the longest one (670 km!)

Every single evening the sun sets in such harmony with it, then disappearing far ahead in the hills on the Congo side, leaving us with the rising Venus and the stars popping up one by one. African time for dreams...

And blue, blue, how blue you are Tanganiika. Swimming in your essence is such a pleasure. Butati our fantastic guide has such freedom in you!

And what an ecosystem, hundred of cichlids flourishing for millions of years along the shore. Time to fish Cameron, my friend, and former manager here in Greystoke, the Yellow-bellied Cichlid or "Kunwe". Sashimi is waiting for us around the fire!

Great history is passing by, twice a week, with the MV Liemba. The former German war ship called at the time the "Graf von Goetzen". It was buit in 1913. The captain had her scuttled in 1916 but a salvage team raised her from the water in 1927 than she returned to service as the MV Liemba. Today she still runs and such poetry come to us when we see her passing by in the Great Lake.

Boat cruising is always such an epic time to relax and enjoy the Mahale Mountains, specially when you have the smile and fun of Mwiga our guide on board. And sometimes see the hippos under the clear water. Thank you Willem Dekker, our guest, for this great shot you did with you Go Pro my friend!

It's difficult to talk about the Lake for me without having a huge thought of our Dear Friend Big Bird, this guy loved soooo much having fun in the water! Keep swimming Buddy !!

Have a lovely weekend,


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