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A little update

05 July 2013

Gosh time seems to fly by, it has been an age since I wrote. Raleigh have arrived in Usevya and they are up and running building rocket stoves. Michael, our Nomad Trust rep went and spent two days with them helping them out. It is fantastic that Raleigh are able to help us on this worthwhile project, so a BIG thank you to all of them!
On another note, I will be leaving the Nomad Trust at the end of July to start up my own business, an exciting and daunting time! I have LOVED my three years with the Nomad Trust, and as D day approaches I find myself getting sadder and sadder to be leaving all the amazing friends I have made, not only within the communities I work with but within the Trust's donor family. Thank you for every one's support.

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