A lizard fights for its life

12 July 2010

by Frank Japhet, Nomad Scout Chada Katavi

Last week when we were on our way to Paradise Plain, we saw a Lizard Buzzard perched on a tree branch, holding in its talons none other than its preferred special diet, a lizard.

We noticed that the lizard was still alive and was trying to bite the buzzards legs in order to save itself from certain death.

We stopped there for a few minutes to watch the fight, but in the end the Lizard Buzzard killed the lizard using its short, sharp, curved bill to chop the lizards head.

Although the Lizard Buzzard feeds mainly on lizards, they also may eat small snakes, frogs, rodents, small birds and even grasshoppers.

The most interesting part of this sighting was to watch how the lizard faught back against the buzzard, even though it seemed obvious that it was a losing battle.

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