A lucky couple

30 November 2011

During the 4 days that Peter and Jo York spent with us in the Serengeti, they just seemed to come across it all - of course, with thanks to Nomad guide Cornelius and his very sharp eyes.. First, the amazing African Rock Python and now an equally stunning sighting of a leopard and her cub, less then half a mile away from Lamai Serengeti!

As we said at the fireplace in the evening, it was only when they showed their pictures of the morning when we all realized how lucky they were. Two beautiful and majestic cats, a mother and her cub, eating a freshly killed reedbuck in a tree. And if that wasn't enough, perfect morning light and not a single other soul in sight.

What a place to be. We actually can't wait until they decide to stay with us again - thanks for these great contributions!!

Pictures courtesy of Peter and Jo York

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