A master of venom

05 July 2010

By Philip Pendaeli, Guide - Chada Katavi

No doubt that whenever you mention the name Black Mamba, in most people you may change the atmosphere of their mind. The black mamba is an open woodland and savannah snake, mostly occurring from sea level up to 1600 metres and can grow up to 3 metres long. It is Africas most venomous snake.

Black mambas have always had a bad reputation for being dangerous, attacking and killing within a few minutes. I have witnessed myself that if you respect and do not molest a mamba, you will be okay with this snake. It will attack in self defense if it is cornered and has no way out.

It happened one day having a bush lunch with clients under a line of palm trees. I saw a snake in the distance coming towards us from behind and I waited til it got close enough to where we were sitting, then I asked my clients to gently turn around so they could see it. Oh my god, its scary! More than two metres long! Quickly the snake disappeared in the bush.

The best way to be around snakes is to stay calm, dont provoke it, respect it and you will be fine with this master of venom.

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