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A month in Selous

17 October 2014

Finally! After at least 15 years of wild and enchanting tales of a vast African wilderness, filled with characters past and present who have all played their part in the captivating and vital African story of the Great Selous Game Reserve.

I say finally, as we too can tentatively add our names to the story. It may be only penciled in for now but we aim to make our mark on Selous, and showcase all its wondrous and unique secrets to those who are willing to open their minds and hearts to the adventurous spirit of Sand Rivers Selous

The month we have spent in Sand Rivers has been a blur of great and inspirational people, phenomenal wildlife sightings, like a leopard and her cub on an afternoon walk only a few meters away which left myself, guests and the leopards with a faster than normal heart beat. Action-packed challenges like exploding water tanks at 1 am due to the lazy hyenas preferring the tanks to the river water only a few 100 meters away!

We feel like we have finally come home to a place where anything is possible and all our experience in various parts of Africa and the rest of the world has prepared us for the Selous.

We will keep you updated on all the new adventurous and pioneering developments of Sand Rivers Selous.

We can't wait to make this our home and give it all we have.

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