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A new record is set!

27 December 2018

This week we broke the record of guests hosted in camp, 103 guests in 6 days!

It all started last Friday, when we had 60 pupils from Katumbi Village in camp. In September, they all had participated in the Village Clean Up organised by our Nomad Trust as part of the World Cleanup Day 2018. The prize for the team who collected most garbage was to spend a day here in camp.

The pupils showed great enthusiasm and their pile of garbage at the end of the day was by far the biggest. Now it was time to acclaim their well-deserved prize.

Playing Jenga. Did you know that “kujenga" in Kisuaheli means "to build”?

Beach bocce

Lucky for us we have a whole box of games in camp smile

Looking for hippos

Pure joy! After the kids left late in the afternoon, there was no time to rest for the team, everybody was busy polishing the camp up for the next visitors, a very special group in fact. Because on Saturday, the first Family Day took place here at Greystoke Mahale. So the next morning, the boat arrived again, this time with 32 people on board.

Imagine everybody’s excitement to show their wives, mothers and kids around camp. Just off the boat and after a big hello, the ladies started asking about the chimps. So we quickly made a plan, the husbands stayed back in camp babysitting and their wives and mothers went out into the forest to see the chimps. The forest never looked so colourful. The chimps wondered how to deal with so much ladies power (see the look on Carter's face!).

It was another wonderful day with many happy faces! On Sunday we were very busy to get ready for Christmas: in the mess area a team was being creative putting up the Christmas decoration and a mouthwatering smell of freshly baked cookies emanated from the kitchen.

We spend a joyful and Merry Christmas together, with roasted turkey, presents under the tree, Christmas cookies and drums.

And guess who was the first chimp we saw on Christmas Day? Of course it was Christmas!

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