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A New Year

01 January 2017

Another year has passed and what a year it has been. Thank you to all of you who chose to vacation at our little piece of paradise. We miss y’all and wish you all the best in the New Year!

2016 was jam packed with excitement, mostly due to the changing weather caused by El Nino and La Nina, the rains came early and the poor wildebeest were very confused, which delayed their migrations South. Great for us as we had thousands of them around camp and in the Lamai area for five months, which provided thrills, and a few spills, for staff and guests alike. There is nothing like watching a lion kill right in front of your room!

The Lamai lion pride, which I am sure you all remember, are still fat and healthy. Seeing them all together is quite a sight, intriguing for some and terrifying for others. Twenty plus lions with a mixture of adults, teenagers and cubs provides endless entertainment for intrepid safari goers.

The hyrax families abound and have taken to lying around at the pool, keeping guests company while they swim and soak up the Serengeti sun. Our famous troop of mongoose are as naughty as ever, popping in once or twice a day to say hi and patrol for grubs and the odd snake. They had four litters this year and there is nothing cuter than a baby dwarf mongoose – we were so tempted to steal one.

Please enjoy some of our favourite captured moments, most photographed by guests, of 2016. The Lamai family had a wondrous time with you all in 2016 and look forward to perhaps seeing you again sometime in the future.

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