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A Peek Behind Scenes..

17 January 2014

Meet Charles our Mechanic and master of all things moveable! Here at Sand Rivers we have a wonderful new fleet of Land Rover safari vehicles and boats that take a lot of beating when out in the bush taking our guests far across tricky terrain in search of that elusive Leopard. They traverse sandy roads, rocky plains, climb steep hills and navigate their way effortlessly through water with such ease and grace all thanks to the guide's driving skills backed by the care and precision that Charles takes looking after them, we couldn't do it without him!

Exhausted from all that adventure spending hours tracking wildlife in the bush, a little care and luxury comes with a welcome relief when you receive a beautifully presented freshly washed and pressed parcel of clean clothes waiting for you in your room! Meet Juma, our extremely hard-working one man laundry magician! Up at the crack of dawn Juma will be found in his meticulously neat laundry up to his elbows in soapy water singing away with the radio always with a smile! So no matter how muddy, dusty and dirty you get in persuit of your favourite animal, Juma will be sure to restore your clothes back to their former splendour.

Whilst all the staff up front are busy caring for our guests, Kavalambi, our Stores Mangager, lives deep in the heart of Sand Rivers masterfully managing every supply that keeps the camp alive and the guest's experience a comfortable one. Kavalambi's perfectionism for neatness and detail keep his stores a streamlined mechanism essential to the camp's smooth running. You might wonder how we manage to obtain that special bottle of single malt or fantastic fresh ingredients for your luch, Kavalambi can tell you....!

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