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A point of View

04 November 2013

Do not leave your room/office/vehicle/pool,- in fact don’t attempt anything at all, without some binoculars and a camera!

We’re new on the scene in Serengeti and perhaps we will, in time, become blasé about such things but I seriously doubt it.

From a vantage point in this ecosystem, and it would not be idle boasting to say that Lamai puts a very big tick the “room with a view” box. The surrounding landscapes and the skies leave you speechless. How amazing that you have the opportunity to observe countless species interacting on a daily basis.

In the past week we’ve seen lots and lots of Wildebeests, Zebras, Lions, Buffalo, Elephants and even a Long Crested Eagle every day (just to mention a few!) - without even leaving the camp! Fantastic!

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