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A stroll through the plains…

19 October 2014

The grasses of Bologonja are green and lush this year.

But even in these great, wide open spaces - there are suprises behind the termite mounds.

"Ho hum, Zebra, Zebra, Wildebeest, Impala.......hold up whats that??"

"Double take time....maybe a Topi?"

"No too skinny"

"Perhaps it's one of those Oribis we keep hearing about....."

"Can't be! This girl's covered in spots"

"Holy smokes that's a Cheetah!!"

"Run away!!!"

"Next time, you won't get the head start!!"

"Quit chasing baboons and lets move on!"

"I've heard the Kopjes are splendid this time of year - let's try that big one over there."

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