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A Training we Shall Go

01 June 2014

So tomorrow is the 2nd of June and the first day of the season, quite odd that it happens to be a happy Monday.

Our guides have been at it the past week with Sacha, doing their training and learning literally everything that comes across them. The new age is upon us here in Africa, learning from tablets is much easier than lugging all those heavy books around.

We are rather lucky out here as the Selous Game Reserve makes for a great classroom. The guides have been touching from the smallest Termite to the largest of Bull Elephants and everything in between. Here they examine the stunning Witch Weed of the Striga family.

On a hot day there is nothing better than doing some tree studies under the shade of the tree you are learning about. You might not think that coming on a Safari will be about looking at trees, but when you find out how that tree interacts with surrounding environment you might just find yourself oddly interested

A great Safari is comprised of a mixture of everything in an ordered manner that when you are getting on the plane at the very end, everything seems to click and you understand that environment in its entirety. But what always helps is a pride of Lions walking down the road towards your vehicle and attempting to hunt a Giraffe on one of the days of your Safari.

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