A warm Chada welcome

01 October 2011

Ok so where do we start? Well... the lucky two of us travelled to Chada last week to relieve regular managers Mark and Kristen. After hearing some spectacular stories from guests and colleagues, it seemed like a great experience to temporarily swop the Serengeti for the Chada plains. As we still are very excited, we did come with some pretty high expectations.

But oh my god! What a place this is!

The vast plains of Chada, the barren dryness of the area, the great hills and escarpments on the horizon – this is a place of extreme and raw beauty. And not to mention the wildlife in and around camp! Elephants that try and help out with the laundry. Young elephants that investigate the quality of canvas of our tents while you are right in it. All the continuous sounds of the bush – this is going to be so exciting!

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