Serengeti Safari Camp

Actually, gnus travel really quite slowly

04 June 2012

Those wildebeest have been up to their tricks again. Reluctant to be anywhere that they should be, they've been lingering during much of May around Naabi and Golini. Some were ferreting around in the Hidden Valley and Ndutu but very few were in Moru.

However, our Nomad guides are reporting that the herds are gathering in the Central Serengeti, right where our Serengeti Safari Camp has just moved to. Decent numbers are being spotted around Turner Springs, Central Seronera and traveling from Moru towards Rongai. It's still raining on and off in the central part of the Serengeti but Ngorongoro is dry and getting dustier.

We've had a stern word with those wild beasties and hopefully they will now run according to schedule, regardless of leaves on the track, and we'll keep you posted. Of course, this is particularly why we love our natural world, otherwise we'd stay at home and watch Discovery Channel.

If you want to find out where to go to see the migration at different times of year, and also to know what phase it will be in, click here for a really useful guide.

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