Amazing Fly-Camping at Chada Katavi

16 August 2010

By Emmanuel Moshi - Guide, Chada Katavi

Chada Camp operates a simple mobile fly camp. The experienced guides, scouts and staff make your dreams come true while you are in the bush, taking you to different remote and beautiful areas in the park. You can decide to spend more days in the fly camp, as it provides all services which may be required for the efficient movement of the camp from one location to the next. It is a stunning way of camping: a transparent tent which allows you to see a blue sky with all the stars, the bright moon the whole night, as well as the beautiful orange colour of the sunrise in the .

On the way getting there, there you have the choice of taking a short or longer walk with an armed scout into camp. Or you might choose to go for a walk from the fly camp the next morning. And each place is unique - like the location called Paradise its amazing camping with hippos in the same place while hearing them grunting and at the background getting a fresh air from the palm trees when blown by the wind.

Where ever you go, thereafter youll not know how the day is going to an end so the fly camping in Katavi may leave you with a different feeling for each place.

Its unbelievable - come and feel it in your heart

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