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And then my brothers showed up and completely ruined the moment!

09 December 2014

For those of us that grew up with older brothers this story is all too familiar.

A honeymooning pair of lions was spotted on the plains of the Lamai Wedge, just south of the Kenyan border.

They had been seen mating earlier in the morning and we were watching the ritual from a distance.

Ignoring her mate we could see that something in the distance was bothering the lioness, the telescopic lens revealed another male.

Seeing trouble afoot, as soon as the second male started his vocalisations the lioness chose to retreat to a quieter spot on the plain with her suitor in tow.

There are actually four magnificent males that run the show on the northern side of the river, they seemingly share equal mating rights but this can get a little complicated at times, as you can well imagine.

The brother's success had drawn the others out of the shade and into the open, these two treated us by walking straight towards and then right past our vehicle in pursuit of the couple.

In their prime, around seven years of age, they are really something to behold.

We spotted the fourth while driving away from the sighting watching from a distance and not looking too happy about any of this business.

What a fantastic day in the bush!!

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