Armchair Birding part II - Your turn now.

21 June 2011

Last time was just too sickeningly lazy...on your offense intended.

Armchair birding is fine, but we've decided to leave the Identification part up to you. We're starting off with some easy(ish) ones this time, but there are a couple that might make you nervous.

Whoever can identify these 8 birds first will win a small prize. Let's say, the right to write a blog, with your own photo(s) on our blog sight, provided it is compatible with our common theme of wildlife or life in the wilderness. (Except for the Florida Keys blog, but that may also have fallen under the category of wildlife photography of a sort.) Oh, and of course, we reserve the right to edit, crop, chop, mince, mangle and publish anything you send to us.

A few hints that an armchair birder should know about Katavi when identifying which birds might occur here:

  • 900 m above sea level
  • Dry, dry, dry from May to December
  • Habitat is miombo woodland, acacia woodland, and savannah
  • Rivers haven't dried up yet
  • Katavi is in W. Tanzania

Good luck.

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