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Art in the WC

11 January 2018

It’s sometimes the small, but special things, that we miss when running around as a camp manager, and I wanted to share one wonderful example - ‘Geoffrey’s toilet.’

Geoffrey is our gardner and has been at Sand Rivers for eight years. Without being told he took it upon himself to decorate the public toilet with a different creation every single day. He comes up with beautiful ideas and it's always exciting to see what wonderful natural display he’s created that morning. Always using local shrubbery and findings (like a baboon skull) he turns it into a brilliant little art piece.

He loves nature so much that we sent him on Nomad's guide training program recently. He has shown such enthusiasm about becoming a scout, which is the first step towards training to become a guide. He just needs a little more practice and guidance with his English and we have no doubt that he will be a super star. We’ll be very sad to lose him in our garden (and loo!) but wish him well in his exciting future with Nomad. Perhaps we can still sneak him in to do his decorations every morning before he heads out on safari...

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