Conservation & environment

As told by Puffy

24 February 2020

Hi, my name is Puffy. I was born and raised in the Mahale Mountains and for the last 19 years have lived with the M-Community.

Also, I am the sister of former Alpha male Primus. With his loss of power I felt it is my time now to speak out and keep you up to date with what is happening in our community. With Primus in charge I preferred to keep quiet, it hasn’t been always easy for me. Primus used to control me and sometimes engaged with me in a way no brother should do with his sister. But hopefully this has ended now and a new era is about to start.

The greatest joy in my life is my son, my little Peanut. His official name is Peace, but I am not so sure if this name is doing him justice. He is a little troublemaker, quite naughty sometimes and always on the move. But then he still depends on me and although almost too old, still likes riding on my back sometimes. Well, I am trying to be a good mum, be patient and raise him in a good way, and hopefully one day he will become the leader of our community.

After the recent events of my brother being overthrown by Michio, it still is not clear yet who will be the next long-term leader. Michio and Teddy clearly are in the lead, both trying to have as many allies on their side. After losing his power my brother Primus has disappeared for a while. All the higher rank males were distracted by Linda being in oestrus, they split into two groups, one led by Teddy, the other one supporting Michio. Then, just the other day, Primus came back. There was an interesting moment when he sat down with his former ally and great supporter Fanana, Michio and Teddy, all grooming each other but my brother clearly being submissive and accepting the upper hand of the others. By now, even the younger males like to show of in front of him and abusing the situation that Primus has to keep quiet and be very submissive in order to remain within the community. Well, I guess these are the most important recent updates on what is happening here in the Mahale Mountains.

The group is moving back a bit higher up the mountains, this is where nature and food sources leads us. Sometimes also politics, it always depends on what our male leaders decide. But I am sure our friendly human visitors will find us also up here and witness themselves what is going on, although of course you only get a glimpse on our lives. So this is where I step in, to tell you as much as I can about our community. Be safe out there, in the world beyond our Mountains, and if you haven’t already, I hope one day you will have the chance to visit us and see for yourself.

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