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Back on track

15 June 2018

Here we are season is starting again at Sand Rivers Selous! We're back in camp after a quiet couple of months for camp, and we were greeted by our favourite canine neighbours - the wild dogs were on the move. The team have been busy getting camp ready, who said that Simba is a scout only? He's been showing off his chimpanzee skills climbing right up into the roofs fixing and repairing and making sure it all looks super smart.

Do you like our new fashion design Land Rover? I am sure you do! We are thinking of this color maybe for the next season to come....

A bit of washing of our natural swimming pool building up the team spirit.

These two needed a clean more than the pool, but for some reason the team weren't as enthusiastic...

Our little companions Bohm's Bee-eaters (a special sighting for our birding enthusiasts) keeping a close eye on us...

Nomad is working hard this season to cut down on all single use plastic, so we're recycling wine bottles to use for water on our game drives, a great move that will make a huge difference.

So with all that work and preparations done it is time to rock and roll, The Rufiji River at Sand Rivers Selous is welcoming us again!!! We look forward to seeing you here with us soon.

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