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23 May 2014

Greystoke managers Kerrie and Jeff were flown back to camp a few days ago in a very old plane. With Captain John at the controls we touched down smoothly but dramatically over the mountains into Katumbi airstrip.

We are extremely happy to be back in our tent at the far end of the beach and eating fresh sushimi once more and communing with our hairy brothers and sisters the chimps who soon came by the back of camp to say hi. They have been nearby the last couple of days and seem in good form. Primus looks to be still in charge and throwing his weight around as usual.

We found a large mature looking Great White Pelican still resident on the beach who quickly flew down from his perch on the roof to greet us with open and very wide wings.

3 warthogs shuffled and snorted through the back of camp this morning and are in good condition also.

Woodchips and oil continue to fly in all directions as renovations to all buildings goes ahead at an alarming rate. They are looking fantastic and will be ready to receive our first guests on the 2nd June.

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