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Bada Bing, Bada Baboon!!

17 February 2015

We often take these primates for granted, they are particularly successful in northern Tanzania, highly intelligent and occasionally responsible for the systematic terrorism of picnickers, chefs, storekeepers and lodge managers silly enough to give them an opportunity for theft.

Scientific name Papio anubis - after the Egyptian God Anubis a deity with a mans body and the head of a jackal. The muzzle like quality of the Olive baboon's jaw reflects this.

We found them early morning, not far from the lodge. Their amber eyes are really striking at the right time of day.

You cannot help but see the similarities in our own behavior, they make for very entertaining safari observations!

If you don't look closely then you might mistake these padded prints for the tracks of one our large carnivores - the big toes and thumbs are a dead give away so don't get caught out by your guide!

Firstly the pedicure......

....then a wash, groom and blow dry......

....and I'll have my nails done please!

These two chums (a subordinate adult male and a young female) were such fun.

nothing like a catch up on troop gossip followed by a snooze in the sunshine.

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