Sand Rivers

Battle in the Rufiji

05 December 2012

This is how they found the Impala and Crocodile

The Impala was unable to free itself.

The second crocodile arriving on the scene behind the Impala

Delivering a decisive blow.

These dramatic pictures were taken by Thierry Thomann, one of our guests here at Sand Rivers. On a game drive close to the lodge, Hamza our guide stopped the car on the banks of the Rufiji river and heard some splashes from further up river, they rushed over to find a male Impala locked in a life and death struggle with a crocodile, the Impala was unable to free itself from the Crocodiles clutches, soon after, another crocodile appeared on the scene grabbing the Impala from the neck and finishing the kill.

Thank you very much Thierry Thomann for letting us share these amazing pictures.

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