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Beasties in Bologonja

21 September 2017

Migration Movements.

From early september the wildebeest have moved away from Nyamalumbwa and headed towards Lobo through the woodlands. Very few crossings were happeninig at that time, but we predicted they would turn around as their deistnation, Togoro Plains, looked pretty dry.

Mid septemeber saw large herds of wildebeest come into Bologonja and Lobo from the Nyamalumbwa Hills, and many zebras headed into Togoro plains via Mbuzi Mawe. The last couple of weeks has seen short rains in the evenings, driving the migration towards these greener spots.

Most recently the migration have been moving towards Bologonja ranger post, and others following the woodland to Ndasiata circuit which has also benefited from the recent rains.

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