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Beauty and the Bush….!

02 July 2014

Packing for your holiday to the bush is something of an art, you have the teeniest weight restrictions, you may be visiting several locations requiring different footwear, warm weather clothes, cold weather clothes and then a visit to the beach! How on Earth does one fit all this into one little duffle bag!?!

Not only this, but some of us like to keep looking chic even if we are bouncing around in cars, boats, climbing mountains and meeting wildlife face to face, here's a few tips from us who's years of living in the harshest environments can keep you looking cool in the heat of the bush!

When it comes to clothes, loose, lightweight layers tend to be the best. If you are visiting some of our camps in the North it can get a little chilly on the morning game drives, this goes for Ruaha too so a jumper, gillette, light fleece or wind breaker jacket will suffice for those nippy early game drives.

However you can forget any ideas of warm clothing needed for the Selous, it rarely gets below 18/20 degrees Celsius here, between June - August we have lovely balmy temperatures and sunny days with ever so slightly cooler mornings. September onwards gets hotter and by January/February you can have free saunas courtesy of temperatures and humidity reaching the high 30's - great for that glowing skin and open air Bikram Yoga studio!!

Game and boat drives are easy going and you can happily take in the incredible scenery and wildlife in shorts and sandals - just don't forget the suncream, hats, a good pair of sunglasses (polarised are great), binoculars and your camera!

Our walking safaris are a highlight to any trip as you get to stretch the legs and work off all those safari pounds acquired from endless tea treats and sundowner G&T's! Be sure to have some sturdy footwear and something to cover the ankles from the long grass. Neutral colours are best but white isn't recommended as the wildlife can spot it before you've said "Look Leopard!"

The warm evenings at Sand Rivers are a relaxed affair, we like you to feel at home and welcome you to join us and your fellow Safaris friends for a drink and nibbles as we hear your tales of the day and watch as the hippos stretch their short legs out of the water. Come dressed to the nines in your finest holiday outfit or take it easy in a Kikoy (as often Cameron does) anything goes!

We love the feeling of the wind in our hair and warm breeze on our face whilst adventuring around the bush in safari vehicles and boats but it can sometimes leave you feeling a little frazzled after long days out in the wilds, here are a few little grooming tips we can't live without..

Tame your mane (ah hem - sorry!) with a good hair oil to stop the ends drying out in our harsh African sun. Hours of wind whipping through your locks can leave you looking more wild than desired so oil really helps you get that comb through at the end of the day or even a thick moisturising treatment conditioner will help!

Getting up at the crack of dawn often in the dark to head out in search of wild beasties you have many things to think about - camera - check - suncream - check - water bottle - check - binoculars, hat, husband - check! The last thing you want to do is faff around in front of a mirror. Suncream is so heavy on your face that you'll sweat all morning underneath it! The ultimate time saver and top choice for looking fresh and staying protected is a tinted moisturiser with an SPF for your face, one quick swoop and you are good to go all morning! Who said beauty and the bush couldn't go together!

In fact I generally find that any oil based balms, moisturisers and conditioners are the best bet out here were dry really means dry! Lip balm with an SPF in is great for being out and about all day and hand and foot cream or salves a must to stop you drying out like a warthog!

When thinking what to bring, don't forget your essentials!! Camera/iphone chargers, spare batteries, notebooks for recording all the fabulous wildthings you'll be spotting, books, swimming costume, torch etc…….

….but most of all a sense of adventure and an open mind for having the most incredible experience of your life!

We also happen to think Warthogs are the most beautiful of all the animals…!

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