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Beests everywhere…

11 August 2015

The middle of August is approaching and the wildebeest are still wondering around the Serengeti in vast numbers, seemingly not knowing which way to go. The seasonal rains arrived early this year and with them the wildebeests, it seems they smell the rain and follow it around, looking for moist, tender and fresh grass shoots. They are a crazy wild bunch and our guests at Lamai have enjoyed watching thousands of them migrate through the area, both on foot and in a vehicle – can you imagine walking through herd of 5000 Beests?

River crossings are a treat and always a spectacle: they tend to gather slowly at the bank of a river with the brave on the front line, hesitant to take the plunge into the turbulent water, knowing full well that death is a probability, if not by the teeth or claws of another, by their own devices – trampled and crushed as they all scramble for safety on the other side of the river. The pastures are truly greener on the other side.

All the predators are fat and healthy having had their fill of wildebeest - crocodiles lie in wait beneath the rivers water surface, cats tend to find a high vantage point allowing them to spot the weak and vulnerable, hyenas can’t believe their good fortune and tend to wait on the side-lines while everyone else does the hard work. After a kill vultures, Marabou stalks, jackals all share in the bounty – no one has any manners and it is a free-for-all with every ‘man’ for himself. Exciting times in our neck of the woods.

The migration is a natural wonder and we look forward to sharing this rather emotional experience with you at Lamai, Helen and I love welcoming guests back after a game drive, wide eyed and bushy tailed, filled with wonder and high on adrenaline.

A special thank you goes out to Vicky for the spectacular photographs, one of the few female guides in Tanzania and our unofficial camp photographer. She has 20 years of experience in the bush and is a wealth of knowledge.


The Lamai Team.

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