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Behind the Scenes with Dr B…

21 October 2019

Doctor Bennet has been our Nomad Eye Clinic specialist and outreach doctor for the last 5 Nomad village eye outreach trips. And we are rather fond of him!

He and his team are extremely hard working and dedicated to bringing eye care services to these communities around our camps, who would otherwise struggle to get the treatment they need. Leaving camp at the crack of dawn, and only just arriving back in time for dinner, they take their role very seriously. We are so grateful for all their hard work.

But they also have a bit of fun along the way.

Dr B on route to the village eye clinic, posing proudly on his Nomad ride to the village. Not a bad way to make an entrance.

Dr B in camp with some of the Chada Katavi team, and one of the assisting nurses.

Always time for a quick selfie before the flight down to Katavi, while all his equipment and medicines get loaded up.

Finally a bit of a breather for Dr B and his team, on a game drive on their final day, stopping by a pod of hippos.

So proud to work with this team!

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