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31 May 2015

After two quiet months and many days of sprucing up the camp, Cam and I returned to paradise and found our feathered friend eagerly awaiting all the attention he's been missing!

After several days by truck from Dar es Salaam and 12 hours by boat from Kigoma our supplies finally arrive!

Lots of work to be done to get the camp up and running, the Greystoke family pull together to make sure it's as swift as possible....

Big Bird ever inquisitive in everything we do likes to lend a helping beak...including the painting!! Getting himself very dirty in the process!

A very intelligent bird he needs constant stimulation and attention and doesn't BB let us know it!

After a little clean up session we invent new games for him to keep him occupied...his current favourite is "throw watermelon into the pot of water, fish it out and throw it at the Managers!"

He loves to climb our stairs to the office to see if we need any help....

It took a little coaxing to remind BB of how to fly off the boat!!

What better way to spend an afternoon after all that hard work with a little lake surfing...!

Big Bird was so pleased to have his friends back and will be over the moon once his International fans arrive to shower him with love and attention..the way he has become accustomed to!! Such a diva wink

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