Sand Rivers

Blending in

22 November 2012

Guests at Sand Rivers often comment on how the lodge blends in with the surroundings, this became all the more apparent yesterday when a herd of Elephants was passing though the camp. At first we spotted them to the right along the bank from the lodge, as the breeding herd came closer one of the elephants approached what we call the bush baby deck, oblivious to our presence just a few feet above her she proceeded to feed. After a while she moved up and stepped over the wall to our front garden, had a drink from our little pool with fish in it, walked past our shop through the archway to our pool along the edge of that and down the steps to where our boats leave from! After we picked our jaws off the ground in amazement, we went to finish our lunch.

Standing in our garden.

Having a drink from the little pool with fish in it.

In between the main area and the shop.

Walking along the edge of the pool, after passing through the archway.

Quick snack.

Then off down the steps to the boats!It was almost as if the camp was not there.

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