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Bonobo is a Chimp?

07 June 2016

One of the most recognisable male Chimps in the M-Community is Bonobo. He dons a great grey beard but this definitely does not make him a 'hipster' chimp as he has had it long before the bearded hipster look became popular.

He has had a bit of a rollercoaster ride up and down the ranks within the community, reaching his highest rank of no. 2 back in the days of Fanana's rule in 2006. Shortly after disappearing from the group for three weeks only to return in a much reduced state and never really climbing the ranks again.

He is now into his mid-thirties and doesn't seem too fazed by all the politics, quite content with what he has.

He does however have a stubborn nature and is well known for gently bumping people out of his way on the path if he comes up from behind unnoticed.

He seems to just go about his business as he wishes and not too worried about his company, although it is believed Orion, one of the other males of a higher rank, enjoys Bonobo's company.

In 2013 he broke one of his arms...a wound that for a chimp could be devastating but he managed to recover in a few months and carry on in his usual ways.

He is always a crowd pleaser when it comes to good sightings and eventful poses, always giving some interesting facial expressions and not shy of the camera one bit.

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