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Bumps on the Road

23 November 2022

Running projects for the community is an incredibly rewarding and privileged role to play for a safari company in Tanzania. But that is not to say it does not come with bumps on the road, or in this case, an incomplete bridge…

During our last series of project visits to villages outside of the Serengeti, we made the mistake of taking a shortcut, something you should never do when on village visits. The road we thought was complete and would take us to our destination that day, unfortunately included a very incomplete bridge. [A picture containing outdoor, nature, waterfall Description automatically generated] We then miscalculated the depth of the muddy puddle on the side of the incomplete bridge, and spent the next 2 hours trying to get back out. No matter how good the car, village muddy muddles always win. Never underestimate a village muddy puddle. We have now added these two crucial steps to our village project visit manual. They may not have had shoes on their feet, but our wonderful team still had smiles on their faces.

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