Bushmail brings news of Rains!!

14 November 2012

The full rains have arrived in the northern Serengeti and the the landscape is sporting a beautiful brightly lit emerald appearance.

The message has somehow been passed through bush mail as all the Wildebeest, bar a few, have left for their long journey to the Southern Serengeti.

There were a few incredible sightings of a few thousand Wildebeest at a time crossing the Mara River which is a sight only your imagination can consider. There long journey to the southern Serengeti started as they reached the other side and we have heard that they have arrived after only 2 weeks of travelling.

The last we saw from camp was of a giant herd of Wildebeest sweeping across the fields like a giant oil spill.

Even with the Wildebeest gone, there are still so many fantastic wildlife sightings such as 3 Lionesses with their cubs, Cheetahs with their cubs, male and female Leopards mating up in a tree and many more great things!
Unfortunately, however most of the animals do not like sitting in the pouring rain but it is not long until they can lie in the warm sun to dry off!

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