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Butt Off

24 May 2022

KopeLion are trialling a new program to try to reduce the number of cow depredations in the Ngorongoro area.

As the great majority of lions' attacks on livestock in NCA is at pasture, and commonly on herded livestock in the late afternoon, one of the first activities they are embarking on is to test Dr Neil Jordan's team's idea of painting eyes on cow butts to deter predators. It's a low cost, easy win for pastoralists if it works, and it did in Botswana! In Dr. Jordan’s four-year study, no cows that had the eye spots painted on their butts were killed by lions. Despite some laughter and ridicule, people are eager to try this in Ngorongoro and with Lion Landscapes also hoping to test this out in southern Tanzania, we’re all curious to see if it works.

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