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Bye Bye Mahale!  It’s been fantastic!

27 September 2014

Kerrie and I have come to the end of one very exciting year managing Greystoke Mahale. It has been truly incredible. I suspect we will talk, brag, reminisce and occasionally shake our heads thinking back on our time here.

We've met amazing people visiting us, made some new friends too. It was always exciting wondering who would step off our dhows onto these shores next. Thanks to all the lovely, happy guests who came to share this unique and magical environment with us. We know we are leaving Mahale but are SURE that Mahale will never leave us!

Here are some photographs from highlights of our time here.

Sacha takes special care with his Pelican Briefing on our arrival.

It's a boy (we originally thought Big Bird was a "she")! Kerrie & I weren't really planning on starting a family just yet.

We enjoyed many family outings.

Suddenly we realise there are chimps here too. Incredible!

We never got tired of spending time with them. What a rare privilege to have them as our temporary extended family.

Safety equipment needed regular testing.

Fishing became Kerrie's new passion.

Sunsets were always appreciated.

We would like to warmly welcome Kate and Cameron who have been handed the reins now. All the best to you both. We know you will love it here. Who wouldn't? Sand Rivers Selous will already be missing you!

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