Sand Rivers

Camp Visitors

04 September 2012

Yesterday morning after breakfast one of our waiters looked up in the makuti thatching of our mess and spotted this well camouflaged young python. The beautiful snake was well intertwined on the wooden poles of the roof. We thought rather than leaving the snake and maybe it accidentaly falling on someone's lunch we should remove him. Our step ladder was not tall enough to reach him so we called our camp roof climber Shabani Simba to get him down, he got him down while Thom our Kiba point manager was there to catch him and release him off into the wilds once again. We were privileged to have such a close up view of a truly stunning snake.

Later in the day we heard a quiet crash on to the dry leaves outside the office, we went to investigate and found this gecko having a bad day with this stripe bellied sand snake.

The animals just can't stay away from our camp as this morning a Pygmy Kingfisher flew into our office, we waited a while for him to find his own way out, he couldn't so we released him and he flew to the nearest perch and then watched us for few minutes bobbing his head up and down before flying off.

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