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Chada’s elephants and Josephine’s family

15 August 2019

I have been running Chada Katavi 4 years ago, and coming back here is really moving. In September 2015 I did a blog about Josephine the elephant and her family, and how MAGIC, 4 years later Josephine is back with her family again!!

How extraordinary, and how moved I am to see her and her family hanging around camp! Obviously it is feast time with the Tamarind Trees giving their fresh fruits (actually those are delicious to eat ). For the last 3 weeks every single night they are coming close to the mess and guests tents, and gosh what a privilege it is to witness them as close, loooooving it sooooo much!!

Look, we can almost say that they are British because they even coming for hunky dory Tea Time! Last week, we could hardly get into the cars because the family were surrounding them. Here follows a photo of one our guest Edward Buzzel stuck in the mess while the elephants were sniffing the car!

And then, Joseph the bull, big boy, hanging by himself, smashing the branches to have his own part of the meal. Joseph the bull, nice character, impressive but I have to say quiet chill with us, happy old boy!

Here are the fruits of the Tamarin Trees, tons of them are falling down. Interestingly scientists says that the more dry the previous season was, the more fruits you have. Soon they are going to loose their leaves but a month later new ones will appear.

Here is our lovely Josephine, darling Josephine, I am so happy to see again my beauty!

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