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Changing Face

31 January 2014

Since arriving here at Sand Rivers Selous, we have known and seen very much the same beautiful view down river, with a grassy field teeming with waterbuck, hippo trails winding across the sand banks and of course the mighty Rufiji a little further than a stone’s throw away (not counting the trickle directly in front of the lodge).

That has changed somewhat recently. With one massive downpour from 8pm to 6am the mighty Rufiji unleashed from its banks, it swirled at the foot of Sand Rivers Selous, washing up against the foundations of the lodge. The water raged on all day, massive trees from up in Stieglers Gorge washed down the Rufiji as if they were nothing but twigs. With each passing hour its malevolence eased off.

Kate, who never misses the opportunity, decided fishing directly from the lodge would be a great plan, no fish were caught, but at least she can say she tried

We are now left with a very muddy front lawn, the waterbuck hopefully made it to high ground as they have not returned. The hippo trails across the sand banks have the hippos have made themselves a new home, right in front of the lodge. As for the poor weaver who worked so hard at building his nest, his foresight was fairly poor as his, along with many other nests were washed away in the floods, but they are back at it weaving away.

Our new friends in front of the lodge, makes us think it's a 'Hippo's Life'

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