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Chaos and Cubs

20 October 2013

I good reason never to mess with a Buffalo, even if you're a Lion.Pride Rock?


Must have run out of energy.
These wonderful photos are courtesy of Deji and Sian Davis who came to Lamai Serengeti on their honeymoon. There was no 'Lie in' for them one morning as they headed out on their morning game drive. Just below the camp they came across some lions feeding on a carcass, after a short while a Male and Female Lion began to fight over the carcass, this alerted the attention of a herd of Cape Buffalo, they came charging down the hill and got a hold of the Female Lion and tossed her in the air, she fell and played dead while the Buffalo surrounded her. The other lions stood around watching, helpless, after a while the female managed to escape her captors.

After that their guide Ian managed to find them some two month old lion cubs that there mother was helping cross an open area.

What a day at Lamai Serengeti.

A very big thanks to Deji and Sian Davis for sharing these photos with us.

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