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20 March 2015

Being so close to the villages here in Mahale we think it's important to let them know why we are here!

The local Tongwe Trust whom we support, recently held a football tournament for the local school children in order to raise awareness about the environment in the Mahale Mountains. The lucky winners came to spend the day at Greystoke to meet the guides and learn about the Chimpanzees and the importance of protecting their environment.

Many of the local residents have never seen a chimpanzee so inviting them in to see for themselves the work we do is a vital part of protecting the area further.

Mwiga Mambo engaging the children with his animated story telling- always raises a smile!

Our star guides are both so incredibly passionate about what they do here it's hard for their enthusiasm not to rub off on all who listen.

With a background in wildlife management, conservation and teaching, Butati Nyundo knows how to get the students thinking about their environment and how to look after it.

Meeting Big Bird was also a highlight as is any visit to Greystoke!

We look forward to welcoming the next group of future Nomad guides! wink

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