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Christina’s Dynasty

28 January 2019

Within the M community Christina‘s family has a lot of influence.

Christina is a very interesting character, she started as one of the low ranking females but made her way up until she even become the muse of former Alpha Male Alofu.

Following her lead, her son and daughter made a career of their own. Her son Christmas has been moving up the social hierarchy and has been amongst the higher ranking males ever since.

Her daughter Xantip has gained the respect of the community by raising two healthy children, her daughter Xahira and her not yet named son.

Xahira is now growing into a beautiful young girl, playing and teasing her little brother under the close watch of her mum. And apparently she has learned from her uncle who is known to enjoy teasing human visitors as she becomes quite naughty and trying to intimidate us by hitting the ground and jumping up and down in front of us... which is actually more cute than intimidating.

Christina stays close to her son Christmas who looks after his mum, grooming her, sharing meals and makes sure she is safe from being bullied by other males. Often, they would meet up with Xantip and her offspring. To see the three generations together is heart-warming, especially observing the grandmother how she enjoys being surrounded by her family and playing with her grandchildren. And not only did Christina pass on her strong character, the next generations did also inherit her dominant eyebrow. Do you see the resemblance?

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