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Christmas Buffaloes

19 December 2016

It’s that time of year again, there is something special about Christmas at Lamai. Everyone is running around getting ready and the excitement and anticipation is tangible. Decorations, special menus with all the festive trimmings and of course presents. Most of us have sent Santa our wish lists already: we write them down on special paper, it must be recycled with a scattering of elephant dung and acacia leaves in the mix, then over drinks before dinner we throw our wish lists into the fire and the sparks get whisked up by the trade winds that carry them to the Chrsitmas fairies in the North Pole.

Thing is Santa needs a bit of help when he gets to the Serengeti, his reindeer are not well adapted to the harsh savannah environment and happily hand over the reins to our resident buffalo. Buffalo, as you know, can be uncooperative and unpredictable, wild monstrous beasts that err on the side of grumpy. They are also much larger than reindeer, measuring up to 1.7m at the shoulder and 3m in length, weighing in at over a ton. This poses all sorts of problems with Santa’s sleigh….

This year we have managed to get a group of old bulls to assist with all the bush deliveries; the old guys generally separate from the herd and stick together – grumpy old men. It was quite easy as they have taken up residence just in front of the lodge in a thicket with a luxurious mud pool. Mud is used for wallowing and assists with them with temperature regulation and parasite control. A bit of mud and sense of security being so close to the lodge – a reasonable trade to give Santa a hand/pull.

Season’s greetings everyone and a ho ho ho!!!

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