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Coming face to face with history

25 February 2017

Walking in the Selous is a magical experience and each walk is as unique as the next. Sometimes you track a herd of buffalo to the rivers edge, sometimes you bird watch along one of the lakes, and sometimes, you come across historical artefacts from WW1. Not many people know that part of WW1 was fought in modern day Tanzania, and fewer so, know that part of the war was fought in the Selous. This land is scattered with history and you can easily spend hours searching along it's many ridges for the signs of that history. Here are some of the artefacts uncovered by clients on a walk a few days ago.

(An overview shot of the find. Due to the number of items found, we think it was a small camp at one stage)

(Quite a few bullets were found, as well as a belt buckle)

(It's amazing to think that it has been here for over 100 years)

(Here you can see some eyelets used in tents)

Natasha and I will be walking alot more this follwoing season, bringing you more and more of what the Selous and History has to show. We will start photographing some of the ridges that were used and hopefully uncover more signs of WW1.

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