Enhancing Lives

Computer training

12 December 2011

When the Gates family donated $16,000 to Ololosokwan Primary School for a small computer room and photocopier machines, it seemed like a pipe dream that the teachers would ever get the hang of using the laptops. However the effect of their donation has had a huge impact on the school, as well as the surrounding community.

We saw a huge desire from people in the village to learn not only how to use the laptops but to learn how to maintain them. Nomad Trust used the ever patient Evans Shirima from AA computers to do the training at the school and AA computers here in Arusha have taken the training they provide a step further. Very kindly AA computers have taken on Gabriel-a teacher from Ololosokwan Primary School for his second course in computer maintenance.

The course is free for Gabriel as he will go back to the school and share his skills with the other teachers there. The Nomad Trust is very grateful to AA computers for their support.

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